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Chief Contributor: Patrick Baxter

I am a filmmaker and researcher with a Masters in Visual Anthropology, and have a background independent, and collective videography.  I have recently completed a film as practice led PhD research at Manchester School of Art in Manchester Metropolitan University.

My research topic originally began as an exploration of unfinished housing estates, vacant commercial property and other aspects of the built environment in the wide geographic canvas of the Northwest and Midlands of Ireland. However,  since arriving in my hometown I realised that there is a fascinating story to be told about Longford as social and psychological place using these spaces as a vehicle to talk about identity, crisis, trauma, marginalisation, social inequality, and creative responses to all of the above. Furthermore, I am fascinated by the continued realisation or breakdown of the urban/rural divide in places like Longford.

Essentially a portrait of place and a kind of auto-ethnographic, my film ‘A Place Where Ghosts Dwell’ is an essay-film that explores the relationship between Longford as a marginalised place and ghost developments as vacant, ruinous spaces .

Concurrent to my research I was co-organiser of Common Senses, a series of events that attempts to problematise the notion of ‘the commons’ or everyday ‘commoning’ as a practice.  See:


I was a founding member of the now defunct Castles Built in Sand film collective, and you can see some of my earlier work here:


Contact: patrick.baxter@stu.mmu.ac.uk or phone: +44 77799 29545


Other Contributors. 

Deirdre O’Byrne

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Deirdre O’Byrne is a 45 year old transgender bisexual activist,
originally from Dublin. She has written for the LGBT media,
volunteered on local radio, and campaigned for transgender and LGBT
rights in Ireland.



longford urban art

LH is a artist and craftsperson based in the Midlands of Ireland. She uses materials and objects from the natural environment to create bespoke, hand-crafted jewelry. Her art is what could be called ’emergent art’, it is not about arriving at a final ‘product’ or ‘piece’, but of exploring the emotional, psychological, physical and sexual potentials of the process of creating.






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