That May Day (2015) 

A piece of video art that was originally conceived for and screened at the Pride Arts Longford inaugural LGBT arts event last August in Longford, the first of its kind in the region. The piece de-constructs the marriage equality referendum campaigns from both sides, and particularly the media lens through which the language, signs, tropes and symbols of both campaigns were focussed. The film is however not impartial and explicitly celebrates the historic victory for equality and social progression achieved in Ireland last May. Nevertheless, we have attempted to represent all the aspects of those heady days in May in a nuanced manner through the extensive use of multi-platforms of media dissemination around the referendum, including media that we produced as part of the Yes Equality Longford initiative.




LWL 20 Years in the Making (2015)

A short commissioned 20th Anniversary film myself and Deirdre O’Bryne recently made for Longford Women’s Link. The film attempts to capture and celebrate the spirit and achievements of this ground-breaking women’s organisation. Happy 20th and may ye see 20 more.




Improv House (2015) 

My most recent completed short artfilm. A collaboration with sound artist Simon Connor, the film uses a experimental sound technique called ‘re-amping’ or ‘worldizing’ of an improv music performance to sonically explore the contours of a 19th Century mill building in Manchester, The effect of the visual and audio components of the piece create a tone and narrative that teases out the spaces between documentary and horror film.


YesEquality Tour Comes to Longford (2015)

A campaign film co-directed with transgender activist Deirdre O’Byrne made as part of the Yes Equality campaign that successfully saw the carrying of a marriage equality referendum to legalise same sex marriage in Ireland last May. The video attempts to capture the spirit of that campaign nationally but with particular reference to the incredible work done by Yes Equality Longford campaigners. We salute you!


Longford LGBT at St. Patrick’s Day Parade (2015) 

A short documentary looking at Longford LGBT group, their participation in the St. Patrick’s day parade, and the early stages of the emergence of Yes Equality Longford campaign group. Made in collaboration Deirdre O’ Byrne.


Death is the State (2014)  

Co-directed with Shane Lawlor, with some tremendous effects editing by Insa Langhorst- this short art film is a twisted geography of Ancoats, an area of North Manchester once home to the industrial revolution. Through intricate sound design, poetry, image layering and manipulation the film attempts to navigate the stark, disorientating, strangely beautiful and at times alienating attributes of the built environment of a place between two worlds, in a manner that yet again evokes the horror film.


Helpyourself Manchester (2012)  

A feature documentary co-directed with Insa Langhorst and Huw Wahl as part of the now-defunct Castles Built in Sand collective. The film documents the history of a little known DIY music collective/scene in Manchester during the early-mid 2000’s and the friendship networks that up around this autonomous form of organisation and artistic expression. In relation to my current research and filmmaking practice, the themes of creative uses of space and transience in places have, upon looking at this film afresh, allowed me to see a development of ideas and contexts in my work.

For more on Castles Built in Sand see:


Whitworth Gallery After Hours Performance (2012)

A live improvised performance with visual artist Naomi Kendrick and musicians Dave Birchall & Dan Bridgewood Hill, filmed as part of the Manchester Whitworth gallery’s After Hours programme in Oct 2012. Not a film per se, but an interesting experiment in how the image, body, canvas, and music can interact in a free-flowing improvised manner.


Vacancy (2012) 

The first film project that directly led to my current PhD research project. This 2 min short is an unnerving audio/visual wander through a post-Celtic Tiger infamous  ‘ghost development’- the Carrigglas Manor development in Co Longford. Again there is a use of horror aesthetics at play in the use of sound, music, still image, video and space.