wide                                                                      To Dwell

  1. [with adverbial of place] formal Live in or at a specified place
  2. (dwell on/upon) Think, speak, or write at length about (a particular subject, especially one that is a source of unhappiness, anxiety, or dissatisfaction) 
  3. (dwell on/upon) (Of one’s eyes or attention) linger on (a particular object or place) 

5     Avenues (photo Huw Wahl)

Within the gap of two walls of this hurriedly constructed space a research ‘journey’ begins. Journey? what a now tired and hackneyed term, dreadfully overused- nothing lives, everybody is on a journey. Practice-led. Where will this practice lead?

Dark Corridors (photo Lisa Hannify)

darkhall  along, through, past, within them…

Discovering the ‘new ruins’ of the Celtic Tiger’s unrealised reverie, unfrequented structural nightmares of a system that consumed itself, though stubbornly lives on.

for sale edit 1

The Market Decides so you don’t have to.


porous     A Definition 

Ghost Developments: Unfinished Housing estates (ghost estates) and vacant commercial property that remain un/under occupied as a result of Ireland’s Celtic Tiger era property speculative bubble and the subsequent property collapse. The types/categories of such developments are diverse but include houses, apartment blocks, hotels, retail units, shopping centres, light industrial units, abandoned brownfield sites etc. often recognizable as ruins but not always entirely ruinous. potential.

ard michael Barriers. 

Symptoms of a broken system desperately attempting to lock us out of our future. Or. A method of waiting, anticipating, speculating.

socialism Comparative means of production. discard/dismiss old ways as totalitarian and against individual expression whilst building in inherent inequalities and homogeneity into a new means of social reproduction- the rights of private property, the will of the market, the need for economic stability above and beyond all other needs.


broken  Ruin Porn

‘So much ruin photography and ruin film aestheticizes poverty without inquiring of its origins, dramatizes spaces but never seeks out the people that inhabit and transform them, and romanticizes isolated acts of resistance without acknowledging the massive political and social forces aligned against the real transformation, and not just stubborn survival, of the city’.

John Patrick Leary on Detroitism and the ‘hipster’ obsession with the city’s ruined spaces.


jesus, jo & maryTrauma Irish trauma studies have focused on conflict in Northern Ireland, although in recent years journalists and commentators have excavated the horrors of systematic state and church abuse in manner suggestive of a traumatised population, Ireland’s holocaust to paraphrase Fintan O’Toole. Is it premature to…

no roof b&w                                          Post Celtic Tiger

…think about the personal, community, societal, psychological fallout from economic collapse and austerity in terms of trauma? Whilst trauma may be very tangible, self evident in certain physical structures, it is much more difficult to qualify in the daily lives of individuals and families, given that social cohesion in Ireland, as with all Western Europe, is premised on social independence rather than interdependence



me and Sebastian don’t see eye to eye at all at all. we lack focus, create noise, poor baby sick, pixel compression compensation lens default. yet his body is so refined, colour and texture bold when in place. how could I discard him? without flaw as I am?  especially when we’ve shared such space together, his eye my eye kino eye …ya know the rest. we are transient in love, fickle with friends, distant in spaces, disposing off our technology. People died for Sebastian, think of the Congo, so he shall live.


PHOTO/SPACE is an iterative work in progress and will be updated frequently. 

All photographs and text by Patrick James Baxter, unless otherwise stated.